Baby Powder - Soy Melt
Baby Powder - Soy Melt

Baby Powder - Soy Melt

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Each Soy Melt Pack Contains 6 Cubes.
Hand-poured, Natural soy wax.

Note Profile:
Top Notes: Freesia, bergamot, white flowers
Mid Notes: Yara yara crystals, lavender
Dry Notes: White patchouli, musk, vanilla bean

Always read the warning label before use.
When using our Soy Melts simply break off one melt cube and place on the top of a melt burner.
For use in a tealight burner place the melt on top of the melt burner then place a lit unscented tea light candle below.
For use in an Electric Warmer pop break off one melt cube and place on top of the melt warmer then follow the instructions for your burner.
Do not leave your Burner unattended and keep away from children and animals.
Do not leave your burner on for more than 3 hours at a time.

Please note that every Soy Melt Pack is hand poured, colours and patterns will vary from the image(s) above.