Where I get my Product stickers made from?

Hey everyone,

Holly here with my first blog post, how exciting right?!

A lot of you ask me where I get my stickers/labels made for my products along with a bunch of other candle industry related questions.

so I thought why not pop on here and give you all an insight in to it!

Today though lets talk about my product stickers

I have gone through a couple of evolutions with my branding aesthetic and when I found the winning look I Knew I needed to find the perfect company that would help push my labels/stickers to the next level.

So that is why there is only one place I trust now with my stickers and that is StickerDot

StickerDot are kiwi made and have a very easy website to work with.                   You can customise the material, size, quantity and you even can upload your own images straight to the website easily which is a big plus in my book.

Also after you submit your order they even double check with you that your order is correct, I cant tell you how many times this has saved me from major and minor spelling errors. seriously they are the reason lavender is spelt correctly on my candles and doesnt read Lavendar.

Did I mention they are affordable and also  very stickable stickers - which you might be thinking Holly aren't all stickers stickable and in my experience with other sticker making brands some stickers just aren't built to last more than five minutes.

I know love is a strong word and that is why I use it to describe StickerDot.
They are fast, easy and are affordable which tick all the boxes for someone like me that has over 30+ candles scents.

So if you are wanting a recommendation on where to go.. I will from now on be directing you to StickerDot.