OSC Candle Care Kit

OSC Candle Care Kit

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Odd Socks Candles, Candle Kit
Wick trimmer, Wick dipper, Candle snuffer and Candle tray

Wick Trimmer:
Always Trim your wick before use, we recommend that you keep your wicks trimmed to 5 or 6mm before lighting your candle

Extinguish candles using a wick snuffer, this way you reduce the risk of blowing melted wax out of the candle jar and also reduce the occurrence of a smoking wick.

Wick Dipper:
Putting out the candle by dipping the wick into the wax. Adjust the skew wick to avoid burning the candle down.

Candle Tray:
Perfect tray to hold all your candle needs
Proper care and maintenance is important to ensure you have the best performance from your candle.

Candle in pictures not included

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